Due to the financial crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic the National Trust is having to make drastic cuts and here is the information they provided in October 2020 as to how this will affect the Red House and its volunteers, although volunteers can now work as Outdoor Welcome Volunteers as the garden is being reopened.
The 2020 AGM did not take place but the necessary approval of the annual accounts and election of committee was done by post. It is hoped that it will be possible to hold the 2021 AGM later this year.
The four specially designed garden seats for the Garden Snug project at the house, at a cost of £4050 paid for by The Friends, have been delivered and put in place.
In 2017 they donated £2,000 for carpets, which were laid in the hall and exhibition room.
In 2018 they paid £7350 for the provision of a new greenhouse including the removal of the old building, preparation of the ground and purchase and erection of the new building. The Friends are very pleased to have been able to provide this new amenity which will be of great assistance to the gardeners.
(March 2021)


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