Friends of Red House

The Friends of Red House were established in 1998 to help Ted and Doris Hollamby - who had lived there since 1952 - to keep the house open to the public. When the National Trust acquired the House in 2003 the Friends were asked to continue their work there, particularly in providing tour guides; staff for the shop and tea room, and gardeners.

The Friends, under the terms of their constitution, also offer practical help and support towards the maintenance, restoration and conservation of Red House and its garden. They have, for example, funded several items of garden equipment and contributed towards the cost of replacing the main gates.

The Friends also publish a newsletter three times a year and promote Red House through lectures and a website. Social events, and outings, linked to Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement are organised.

By joining the Friends you can offer interest, support and enthusiasm, and you will be kept in touch with the events and developments at the house. If you live reasonably near the house, you can play a more effective role by becoming a National Trust volunteer.